Review: British Airways Galleries Club Lounge – Geneva

The BA Galleries lounge in Geneva is one of the few remaining outposts in the BA lounge network. It was refurbished a couple of years ago – badly needed, if my review from 2018 is anything to go by – in the same style as Rome FCO and Aberdeen, but Covid closed it down, and it remained closed for years. We tried to visit in 2020 and 2021 when travel restrictions allows travel quite easily to Switzerland but despite flying to Geneva, the airline didn’t open. We had to use the Marhaba lounge at the other end of the concourse thanks to the Priority Pass from the American Express Platinum card.

Returning from a trip to see the grandparents this week, we were finally able to see behind the sliding doors.

The easiest way to get to the lounge is to turn left out of Fast Track security and immediately left up the escalator. This leads you up to a very quiet area of the airport and allows quick transfer to the other side of the terminal to the lounge.

There are a number of different areas to sit in comfort; banquettes, arm chairs, dining tables and bar stools.

Power is supplied in the form of Swiss, U.K. and USB sockets, and the tables neatly fit a carry-on case underneath.

The range of drinks is impressive and all freely available. Champagne is Canard Duchene Cuvee Leonie, selling at over £35 a bottle.

If fizz is not your thing, there is a dedicated beer section with Brewdog on tap and the appropriate glasses in the fridges underneath.

There are also the usual wines, spirits and beers, including non-alcoholic options, and filtered water on tap.

There is a wide selection of hot and cold food available, although the hot options looked like they had been there for a while and so we didn’t try them. The sandwiches were fine and the chocolate cake was delicious.

The tables has the QR code for at-seat ordering like the Galleries First lounge at Heathrow, but this was not in operation at the time of visiting.

I was really impressed with the quality and atmosphere of the new BA lounge at Geneva airport, and I’ll look forward to visiting again in December. My impression was further enhanced by the Gold greeting by name I got from Rich, the in-flight service manager all the way behind the exit row in Economy! Shame there was no offer of a G&T! All in all, a very good experience of BA on the short hop from Geneva to London.

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