Review: BA Galleries Lounge at Geneva GVA

I have flown through Geneva Airport three times in the last 18 months, and the fact that it has taken me this long to write up a review of the lounge is testament to how mediocre it is!


The lounge is at the end of a pretty dismal corridor that seems to go on for ever and ever. Entry into it is fine, although there is a sign which states that you cannot enter if you are more than 3 hours before your flight. Geneva is a high status route, and super-busy on Saturdays in the ski season so, whilst I have never seen it enforced, you may not be able to get in.


There is a selection of hot and cold food – the usual sandwiches and nibbles that you would find in a basic Hilton Executive Lounge, along with some crisps from a huge bowl with tongs that make it almost impossible to serve without smashing them into a million tiny pieces.


The lounge used to have a smoking room, but since that has now been moved to a shared space along he corridor, there is a rather odd room in the lounge with signs about not smoking. It is usually quiet in there, but the furniture is so crammed in that actually getting to a seat is tricky with the obstacle course of tables and bags that lie in the way.


Given that the Swiss are pretty efficient, the lounge is somewhere that I would want to spend 30 mins in – arriving 90 minutes before a flight home, to allow time for check in and security, a quick drink in the lounge and then a potter over to the gate is more than enough.

Quite why it is necessary to have the signs about spending more than three hours in the lounge on entry I do not know; you would be mad to spend that long here!

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