Taking to the skies once more!

I’ll admit – it’s been a while! I started this blog in 2015 when I was used to travelling around on a whim, with my wife, friends or as a solo traveller. Things have changed and the world is a different place. The last proper trip that I wrote about here in full was Australia back in 2019, with some other bits and bobs, including a trip in First from London to New York on the way to Las Vegas which I took in 2019 but wrote about a year later.

In the interim, and the reason for the delay; I am now a father to a 2.5yr old and the planet has been working through Covid, so travel has taken on a different form. I didn’t take the opportunity to blog about flying with a baby – it is a full-on experience that needs at least two hands and all one’s attention! But it is easy and enjoyable enough that The Poppet has completed over 25 flights and has a BA Silver Card, mainly because her grandparents live in three countries! 

Now we don’t nip off places for the weekend like Stockholm or Rome, and our holidays are to see family rather than to exotic places like Australia or the French Caribbean (at the moment!) but we still get out and about, and things are starting to get back to pre-pandemic levels.

This summer we have been to France and Switzerland, will head to Scotland, and I am returning to Las Vegas on a mammoth Tier Point run that will renew my Gold Card in one fell swoop. I thought that I would write about that, and some of the interesting bits of travel in between. So, if you are interested, stick around and join me along the way!

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