A Golden Trip Part 7 – My last flight from Terminal 7?

Entering Terminal 7 from the AirTrain, I headed to the far left hand side where the first-class checking area is located. When I first flew from here in 2014, a dedicated security channel for first-class passengers took you up the ramp and deposited you outside the Concorde Room door. Alas, this is no more, and the fast track takes you to the front of the standard security queue. I made it quite quickly and decided to look at the newly refurbished Galleries First lounge before taking a quick shower. I didn’t take many pictures because there were many people around, and I felt conspicuous doing so, but I was impressed with the set-up. There seem to be many different spaces for people to sit and food options, ranging from buffets to freshly prepared food with a chef on hand. It looks much better than some of the food at terminal five. Champagne was Pommery which was neatly branded.

Having put on some comfortable clothes for flying, I made my way through the terminal to the Concord room. I was early for dinner, so I sat and had a drink. The lounge at JFK is smaller than at Heathrow, but I think it has a cosier atmosphere.

There isn’t a vibe at the bar, but I think the general seating areas are more relaxing. I made my way to a table and was brought a menu.

I started with the salmon poke and a glass of 1er Cru Chablis.

Summer Vegetable Salad followed this, and the Long Island rose – the server recommended it- delicious! I was pleased as I had just messaged the WhatsApp chat to say I would have the rose, so my wine pairing was on point.

I finished with the Impossible Burger and a glass of the Barolo, which was smooth and full-bodied.

The server enjoyed talking about wines and offered to get me a little of all the reds for an impromptu wine tasting before I headed to the gate.

She was outstanding, and I gave her a Golden Ticket – she almost cried as she told me that she had only been working in the CCR for a couple of weeks, having been promoted up from the Galleries and that her manager would be delighted. It was nice that she took such pride in her work and that I was able to recognise her service in such a way.

I made my way to the gate and was straight onto the plane as boarding was already underway. The crew were quick to give PJs but slow on amenity kits and drinks and required chasing.

JFK is notorious for delays but was behaving for us on departure, and we were soon up in the sky. I tried to use the headphones provided to watch a film, but the constant buzzing was annoying. I tried with my headphones and another pair, but there was nothing that would solve it. The IFM logged a report and apologised that he could not move me as the cabin was full. About ten days after the flight, I got an email from Customer Services apologising and offering 20k Avios (although they are still to post almost a month after the flight). 

I decided to eat again on the plane, given that I would want to sleep in the morning, and ended up not eating again until the following evening, so it all balanced out!

I had some fish cake.

More fish followed this with pak choi and aubergines.

I had the cheese and a glass of port before making my bed and falling asleep.

This flight was ‘old First’ as opposed to the new iteration of the products on the outbound leg. The screen is not as good, and there is less privacy with no sliding door, but the seat is still wide and comfortable. I slept very well, waking up with about 30 minutes to go and just enough time for a cup of coffee. We landed slightly ahead of schedule and quickly transferred across to Terminal 3.

British Airways and American Airlines are joining forces and moving into a new area of Terminal 8 later this year. This means that terminal seven will be vacated, and I’m not sure what the plan is for it. It has some benefits, as there will be no need to change terminals when connecting to other places such as Los Angeles on American Airlines. The downside is there will no longer be a Concorde room in New York, but I understand that British Airways first class passengers will have access to flags at first dining or something equivalent. I have been fortunate to have been able to fly through the terminal and use all the lounges on several occasions, and I am glad I could do so one more time.

One thought on “A Golden Trip Part 7 – My last flight from Terminal 7?

  1. […] Stepping off a first-class transatlantic flight and onto a slow, crowded bus is quite a comedown but necessary to get to terminal three. The process is relatively simple but not what one could go speeding. I had around two hours between arrival and departure and ended up with about 30 minutes in the lounge. I decided to go to the Cathay Pacific Lounge, which is generally regarded as the best in the terminal. I had a quick shower and got a coffee in the first class section. American Airlines have not reopened its lounges in the terminal and are directing its passengers to the café lounge. This means that it is significantly busier than it has ever been in the past. Hopefully, this will change and reduce overcrowding. […]


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