Review: Iberia Lounge at Madrid T4S

Having spent the night at the Crowne Plaza Madrid Airport, we took the free shuttle round to the terminal and found the Business Class check-in desks.

I was pleased that there were so many and that they were actually staffed. We didn’t need to check bags in, but had to print out boarding passes as we had been unable to check in online. This meant that we also couldn’t select seats in advance, so we’re not able to get one of the centre pairs which are next to each other.

A quick look on Expert Flyer showed that both 6L and 8L were available so we took them thinking that they would be almost directly behind one another, rather than 5C/J that we were offered. 

We proceeded through the fast track security, with no queue at all, to the transit train and then over to T4S.
On arrival into the terminal you are immediately funnelled into the duty free shop and, after a quick spritz of aftershave, into the lounge.

We arrived just in time for breakfast which was a pretty decent affair, much better than the bacon or omelette rolls in the BA Galleries Club lounge. 

We didn’t take advantage of the extensive wine collection after eating, but moved over to a seat with a runway view.

It was raining hard and we were glad to be somewhere warm!

Boarding was announced so we left the lounge and made our way to the gate. By the time we got there it was well under way so we boarded straight away and ended up in a queue on the jet bridge.

It moved quite quickly and we were soon aboard where my seating choice error became apparent. The Business class cabin is split in two, with the first 6 rows forward of the galley and the last two behind, meaning that we were separated. There was no where that we could move to so ended up sitting apart; the pain of which was lessened with a glass of fizz!

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