Review: Iberia Business Class A340 MAD-MIA 

Having arrived from the lounge, we boarded the plane and settled into our separate cabins. There was an amenities bag on the seat which was full of goodies.

I was particularly impressed with the little shoe bag that meant I was able to take my boots and socks off and put them in the bag and into the overhead locker – for the flight I wore the socks from the pack.

The flight deleted at about 1130 from a wet Madrid and it was soon time for a drink.

Lunch was served soon after with a salmon and cold mashed potato starter, which was accompanied by a delicious white Rioja. I can’t remember what I ate for main course, but it was much better than the main meal my wife had on the way to Madrid!

I settled down to do some work, and even connected to the inflight wifi which lasted for all of about 3minutes – 4MB didn’t last long!

By this stage we were about half way through the flight.

I watched a couple of films and took a walk up to see my wife in the forward cabin. All the window blinds were closed and it was really dark, which was a shame when it was so beautifully bright outside. Thankfully they didn’t ask me to close my windows so I was able to make the most of the view.

About 2 hours before landing we were offered a snack. There was no specific vegetarian option, but I accepted it and just didn’t eat the meat which was fine.

We had a smooth approach into Miami and were soon on the ground ready to fight our way through immigration on our connection- or not as the case may be!

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