JustPark worked – just

I used JustPark for my parking at Gatwick recently. I had been slightly dubious about the exit procedure, given the fact that the instructions on then website don’t make sense.

I got in touch with them to clarify what the procedure was. I felt they were quite slow in getting back to me via DM on Twitter, but I eventually got answers. I was told that they had been in touch with the car park and that it is a case of putting the ticket straight in.

JP 1

My concern was that there was no way of verifying the payment had been made, so I asked about whether they used automatic number plate recognition (like they do at the T5 Pods) and got this, somewhat different reply.

JP 2

On the day, I drove up to the barrier and put my ticket in and half expected the result: I was told that I owed £95 for 6 days parking. I reversed, luckily with no one being me, and went into the ticket office. There was already someone else in the office with the same issue, although not with JustPark.

I handed over the reference number and he tapped away, by couldn’t find anything. He looked some more at the email and then processed my ticket, making a few notes on his receipt. He said that he had never heard of JustPark before and that it is easiest to book direct. Approaching the barrier for the second time, it lifted and I was on my way.

I did wonder whether I had parked in the wrong place; the map shows the parking to be in the short stay car park which might make sense with the reference to the ‘upper forecourt’. On the other hand, the instructions clearly direct you to the long stay car park.

It was a bit of a faff, and slightly annoying that it didn’t work out as it should have done. I think the JustPark model is great for individuals selling space in their driveway, but not sure how good it is for large car parks with lots of stakeholders as the management didn’t know about it. However, it was much cheaper – I paid less than a third of the price requested at the barrier. Overall, it was worth the effort to save so much, and I would do it again. I just hope that they work a little on getting their systems up and running more consistently.

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