JustPark – leaving your car at the airport is cheaper than you think!

Normally I take the train to the airport. It’s so quick and easy; regular readers will know how much I love the Heathrow Express!

I have an upcoming flight leaving Gatwick at 0715, which probably means being at the airport by 0600. I’ve taken a taxi from home before, but that was about £45 and a near-death experience including doing 70mph in a 40 zone. It’s probably too early for the tube and train, plus the rail links south from London at the moment are chaotic to say the least. 

I did a quick check of the parking options at the airport from their website, but the cheapest was about £63 and included a shuttle bus.

Gatwick North Parking

I periodically have a look at the offers available from American Express on their website and noticed that there was a £5 credit for a £10+ spend with JustPark.

I’d never heard of them before but thought I would see what was available. They specialise in people renting out driveways and you can advertise your space on their. The one that caught my eye was this:

Gatwick Just Park North Parking

It is a space in the long stay car park at Gatwick’s South terminal. 5 days parking was coming out at £32, with the further £5 for paying on my AmEx. I am flying out of the North terminal, but it will only be a short transfer to the terminal and into the train between the two. I am assuming that it is the same as the Long Stay South parking below, making using JustPark 50% cheaper, although the picture doesn’t make it that clear!

Gatwick South Parking

It is much cheaper than a taxi and probably similarly priced to the train, but I have the flexibility of being able to leave when I want and travel in my own comfort zone.

With prices this good, I’ll certainly be thinking about parking at the airport again in future!

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