Is my £225 on airport transfers good value?

The Heathrow Express is one of many ways to get to the airport but it is my favourite. Last year I wrote an article on it with a comparison to other options, and it has got even better.


There is now the option to buy tickets in advance and the further ahead you book, the cheaper it is. There are now options for 90, 30 or 14 days advance tickets, starting from as little as £5.50 one way for a 90 day advance weekend ticket. Considering that it used to be over £20 for the same ticket, this is a significant saving.

For my £225 or so, I bought a number of tickets of different types. Some were the 90 advance fares, and a few were the 30 days advance fare. One, when I am travelling in a group, was a Group Save ticket – enter 3rdoff into the promo box and you get, unsurprisingly, 1/3 off the total price, so the third person effectively travels free.

Overall, I have 19 one way journeys working out at less than £12 each. The Carnet is £198 for 12 tickets, or £16.50 each, but the bonus of that is the added flexibility that they offer. However, as all of these journeys are booked to coincide with my flying, I am not worried about flexibility. It is also worth pointing out that while it seems odd to have booked train tickets for September already, if I can secure the best price then it is worth it.


I could have bought the tickets from Paddington station above, but I bought them online. Remember also that Heathrow Express is a Heathrow Rewards partner, earning one point / £ spent. These will covert 1:1 into Avios, or 500 will give £10 off the Heathrow Express or Heathrow Parking amongst other things.

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