Is the Heathrow Express worth the money?

According to this BBC Article published in 2012, the Heathrow Express is the most expensive stretch of railway working out at £1.17 a mile for the 15 minute journey (21 mins to T5). But does that mean it is not worth the money?

I live a couple of stops on the tube from Paddington Stations where the HEx departs from, and can walk it in less than 15 minutes and am a regular user of the service.

If I am travelling with someone, I get the Duo Saver, which is a return for 2 for £50. Travelling in a group of three or more, you can get 1/3 off with a Group Saver. If I am travelling solo, I book through this MasterCard website which gives a 12% discount, so a single can be had for £18.92 or a return for £30.80. For all of these, you can collect points on your Heathrow Rewards card

Here are my other options:

  • Heathrow Connect – every 30 minutes and takes about 30 minutes – £20.20 for a return
  • Tube via Piccadilly Line – every 5-10 minutes and takes about an hour- £10 peak / £6 off peak return
  • Minicab / Uber – takes anything from 30 minutes to an hour – £80ish for a return

So it very much depends on where you are travelling from as to whether it makes sense, as well as how much time you have. I like it because it is quick and I have been from my seat on the plane to my living room in less than an hour, I don’t have to get on the tube, and I have a maximum of 15 minutes wait for a train. I think it is worth the extra £5 each way not to have to wait up to 30 mins for the next train

Again, it is one of those things that there is no hard and fast answer, and it all depends on your personal preferences.  For me it is great, and I hope that some of the ideas above might make it a little cheaper for you next time.

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