Will my $75 go to waste?

I was tidying up some paperwork on my desk at the weekend and came across two voucher from American Airlines that they had sent me last summer to make up for a couple of small issues.


On one overnight flight, the reading light wasn’t working which meant that I wasn’t able to see anything when they dimmed the cabin lights. No inflight entertainment, no book and, as it was a B737 without lie-flat seats, no sleep. I got in touch with them via their online form and they sent me the $50 voucher.

The second came when I chased them up about reimbursement of replacement clothes when they lost my bag. I was just looking for an update, but they proactively sent me a $25 voucher.

Each paper voucher has a 12 month validity from the date of issue and needs to be presented at the ticketing desk or sent in to be redeemed. I suspect it is much easier to use them in the USA than here in the UK.

I suspect that they are going to go to waste as I can’t see how I am going to use them. Sadly they are also not transferable so I can’t even give them away.

Have you ever used this type of voucher? Have you got any bright ideas on how I can use them?

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