Cabin Crew – Master of all trades?

It struck me today on my LHR – JFK flight just how many roles the cabin crew performed, each one executed to a high level of skill and perfection. It is often too easy to overlook them, particularly on short-haul flights. On my flight, there was a team of three in the First cabin.

When I boarded the flight, I was escorted to my seat and offered a drink and assistance with my luggage. One of the crew then helped with the safety demonstration and made sure that I was safe on board.
Once service commenced, my order was taken for lunch and shortly after I was served some tasty food that would not have looked out of place in a high-end restaurant. Wine was recommended based on my food choices and drinks were made to my specification. On asking if they had lemon juice (to which the answer is no) one of the crew improvised a French 75 with champagne, gin, lemon and sugar.
Throughout the flight, they ensured that the service was always on hand, that the galley was functional and that the washrooms were stocked and presentable.
In all, I think that there was at least 10 jobs they did:
Safety Officer
Cocktail maker
Maitre D’
And all of this at 30,000ft in a metal tube in an area 15ft by 40ft. Hats off, guys – you impressed me!

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