Free to roam (on my mobile phone)

Ever since my girlfriend, who is now my wife, went to Hong Kong for a year after we graduated University I have been with Three Mobile. I went with them because I needed to renew my phone contract and at the time they were offering a Skype handset. With this, I was able to call her in Hong Kong on my mobile using my Skype account, and she was able to reach me wherever I was. An added benefit was that when I went to visit her I was able to call home without any excess charges.

This fell by the wayside for a while, but is now back in the form of 3 Feel at Home. The idea is that if you are a Three customer in the UK with a pay monthly deal, you are able to continue to use the call, text and data allowance as normal in certain countries abroad which removed the need to think about EU roaming, foreign tariffs or add-ons.
On my trip I have been in the UK, Ireland, the UK again and the US, and throughout I have had seemless connectivity. It will not cost me anything extra to call home tonight to speak to my wife, or to browse the internet to see what the weather is like in Las Vegas for the duration of my trip; I will just do it.
It makes me question how much longer it will be until other providers do the same. My father-in-law uses Orange when he visits Europe and pays an additional fee. Friends have bought separate SIM cards for when they are abroad so they don’t get whacked with a fee.
Me – I just go with the same number. As they say, Three is a magic number and in some countries it is!

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