Review: BA Galleries Lounge Rome FCO

When I first visited Rome Fuimicino back in 2016, the lounge was out of commission following a fire but I am glad to say that it has been restored to full working order.

I visited the lounge after a weekend in Rome before an excellent flight back to London. The lounge is located quite a way from security. Turn left and keep walking through the shops before turning left at the end of the atrium. Eventually you’ll see signs to the lounge.


The lounge looks pretty dark from the photos, but there was plenty of light. There were loads of places to sit and, importantly, charge devices.


There is even an old smoking room, but you cannot use it for smoking any more – there are no ask trays available.


There is a little work station but I cannot see anyone actually getting any work done here!


There were two bar areas and a small buffet section. I wasn’t really interested in the food as I would be eating on the plane. I did, however, enjoy the free-pour beer on tap.


Overall, the lounge is a fine place to have a drink before the flight, but it is not an exciting place and whilst I would happily spend 2 hours in the Galleries First Lounge, or get to the airport a little earlier than normal for a meal in the Concorde Room, I wouldn’t want to spend more than an hour here.

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