Aberdeen – the perfect Friday night getaway gateway

There is always something to be said for the Friday night get away from work, whether is it to Rome, Stockholm or, this weekend, back home, to stretch out time and relax.

With Inverness as my destination, but unworkable flight times, I took a route I’ve travelled before, consisting of a late flight up to Aberdeen, a night in a hotel and then a hire car the next morning.

The hotel was meant to be the Holiday Inn Express at Aberdeen airport, booked in May under the new Accelerate promotion on a bonus points and flexible basis. Oh checking a few days before, I realised that the Crowne Plaza next door had come down in price so for £5 more and the same terms I had a better room for the night.

The hotels in Aberdeen are very well located; up a covered walkway from the terminal, past the car hire centre.


I was upgraded to a Club Room and, after checking at the desk, was also given access to the Club Lounge which was good for an evening cup of tea.


Having spent 8 nights recently in Holiday Inn Expresses and Travelodges for work, the CP definitely felt a step up.

The following morning I walked down to the car hire centre armed with my free weekend voucher for Avis. I had booked a Class E – Hyundai i30 and was given a Nissan Qashqai. I asked if there was anything more exciting and was delighted to be given a Mercedes C200. I did 225 miles and put in £25 worth of petrol at the end – a fantastic result for a free car hire!


Aberdeen airport is under huge redevelopment, with at least 5 new airport hotels, the new conference centre and other businesses opening. Part of this also includes the British Airways lounge. It is situated upstairs with fabulous views of the runway.


Unusually for a Galleries lounge, there is free pour champagne in the form of Castelnau available. The offerings were the generic cheese, sandwiches and snacks; the familiarity of which I really like.

All in all, it was a lovely weekend away, and reminded me how much I like the set up at Aberdeen. The lounge is a great addition and with the proximity of the hotel and car hire centre, it is perfect for a weekend trip.

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