GUEST POST – MummyAirmiles and the £412 ticket change

So – here I am, sitting in seat 1A on BA1469, an A320 from Inverness to Heathrow.


I am heading down to LHR and then on to Luxembourg for the weekend with MisterAirmles. This quick trip came about as a result of deciding that it was worth collecting an additional 160TPs and 5k Avios to maintain my BAEC Silver status. Other travels during the year were notching up the points, so for a relatively cheap outlay for CE from INV to LUX return, and quality mum/son time, we’re off! My husband can enjoy a weekend of football, golf and lamb cooked several different ways. Each to our own!

I initially selected seat 2F, being the highest available, as row 1 was blocked. On check-in, a quick look at seating revealed 1A was unclaimed, so I changed. Whole row to myself, bags of legroom, served first for drinks and lunch and first off the plane! Ahh! Status is wonderful!


I was offered a choice of gin and selected the usual Gordon’s. Lunch was a chicken and tomato flatbread which was rather doughy, so I had half, followed by a nice taste of mango cheesecake. I declined the BA evil brew of coffee!


It occurred to me that, as a retired lady with no time/work pressures, I could forgo the gym sessions and have a day in London, returning to Inverness on Tuesday, rather than the planned Monday. In my mind, this equated to switch of LHR – INV ticket for the small price of £35 and loss of my already purchased Heathrow express ticket. I phoned BA Customer Service and spoke to really professional and pleasant people who investigated the possibility – I am returning on Monday on the original ticket!

To change the final flight apparently requires re-pricing of the entire ticket. So:

  • Increase in flight ticket price = £282
  • Increase in taxes = £30
  • Penalty for changing = £100
  • Total for the change £412!

This was more than I paid for the whole original complete ticket. The price of a single Club Europe ticket LHR- INV was just £272! The helpful Customer Service representative did suggest that I could be a ‘no show’ on Monday and just buy new ticket, but even at that price, no chance!

What I did learn, however, is that the change fee of £35 applies if the booking was made with Avios. It’s £100 if it’s a standard cash booking.

You learn something new every day! MrA.


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