GUEST POST: MummyAirmiles’ LUXurious tier point run

MisterAirmiles and I were off on a weekend trip to Luxembourg City, principally for me to gather TPs and Avios to help me retain BAEC Silver status. It was Club Europe all the way from Inverness via Heathrow for 160TPs. The plan was an excruciatingly early start for the 0725 flight from T3 to LUX on Saturday and a late 2125 return on Sunday.

Having breakfasted in the Cathay Pacific First class lounge (very nice), a glass of orange juice sufficed on the flight. (how boring!) We landed, passed uneventfully through the concourse and got on the free Eurobus heading for the city. Apparently, the buses and trains are all free at weekends – fabulous! A great way to encourage tourists and locals to enjoy their Duchy.



We bought a 2 day Luxembourg Card for €20 which gave free or reduced entry to many things throughout Luxembourg, and free transport (had we needed it during the week). I was surprised that so many things to do and see were such good value.

One of the attractions which got a discount with the Luxembourg Card was the 360 degree Sky Wheel, a rotating wheel in the sky giving a great view of the old town and beyond.


Day 2 of our trip started with a very nice refreshing sleep!


I texted MisterAirmiles to find out if he was awake, up, or in the gym and what did he want to do for breakfast – in the hotel or into the City.
The response was ‘Still in bed and too comfy to move!’   Based on that we decided on a leisurely relaxing breakfast in the hotel, and it was nice.

We checked out, and the very pleasant receptionist was able to find out what bus we needed to get for the American WWII Cemetery as it is located out near the airport, a half hour trip plus a bit of walking so we had a scenic trip through old and new Luxembourg and eventually to the Cemetery.

It contained beautifully manicured lawns, monuments, and information plaques. Peaceful (most of the time…..a few planes taking off nearby) and in the small exhibition centre at the gate, several moving  stories of heroism and self-sacrifice.


After a while we headed back to the City for refreshment in the Town Square, entertained by a mature singing duo, songs in French, German and English .


We then took the ‘hop on ,hop off’ bus tour but, as you do, we didn’t get off! It was a reduced price due to our Luxembourg cards, and a good little drive round modern and old Luxembourg city, with some EU facts and figures thrown in. As we had decided on an earlyish meal before heading to the airport, we wandered through the town and I browsed in the flea market.


So, another nice meal with some dubious plonk and we headed to the airport, quickly through passport control and into the lounge to chill out, watch some planes and have a drink before boarding. It’s not very big, but I was astonished at the number of 747 cargo planes coming and going.

I like flying; different cabins, different airlines and being able to view the earth from high up, see the geography/ geology , but also get on a plane when it’s freezing cold, and an hour later, get out into warm summer sun.

Here are some of the pictures I took from the flights.

All in all a very enjoyable wee trip away that did the job in terms of entertainment, cost and, most importantly for me on this occasion, tier points!


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