Vegas2017 – Part 4: Homeward-bound

After a pretty busy week, it was time to head home. An early flight from Las Vegas to New York meant that I had to return my hire car to the airport at around 0530. Getting through security was a fairly quick process and I was soon at the gates.

Having had a successful night at the blackjack table I was very tired, and did not appreciate the hour delay that we had in the terminal. However, I suppose that it was not as bad as if we had been stuck on the plane. The flighs itself was uneventful ands all that I remember was being given a free breakfast as a result of my OneWorld Emerald status.

On arrival into JFK’s Terminal 8 I took the air train along to T7. Entering the terminal at the far left hand door I took a left and used the fast track security entrance. It was still very busy but nowhere near as busy as the normal lines. I then made my way across to the lounge complex and went straight for a shower. Sadly there was no availability for spa but this did not matter too much.

After my shower I went back to the reception desk to enquire about the first class lounge. I had never actually been in before as I had only used the business lounge when travelling before my gold card or the Concorde room when travelling in First. On arrival to the lounges, the business class lounge is to the right and the first-class to the left. There is not really much of a difference, but the First class lounge is quieter and more exclusive. After sitting for about 30 minutes the flight was called and I made my way to the plane.

I was very fortunate to have been able to secure seats in the exit row of the 747 and the BA seating algorithm had blocked the seat next to me meaning I had plenty of personal space. I dozed quite happily and was soon on approach to London Heathrow.

It is always one of the quirks of doing an ex-EU that arrival back into London is not the end of the journey. I would have liked to have gone straight home but instead had a day trip to Copenhagen to attend to. I started by going to the arrivals lounge land-side for a shower before returning back to the Galleries First lounge for breakfast. The trip out and back to Copenhagen was as uneventful as it had been on the outbound.

This is certainly not the most luxurious trip I have made but it was relatively cheap and, with the flights costing me less than £300, I can’t really complain. I earned 165 tier points and in the region of 13,000 Avios which went some way to recouping the ones used for a discount. Whilst travelling in business or first is clearly much more enjoyable, I have to admit that the six or seven hours in economy was not as bad as I had imagined and I would be happy to do so again if push came to shove.

*Apologies for the lack of photos in this report – I was just so tired I didn’t take any!

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