Vegas2017 – Part 1: The Copenhagen Shuffle

As I wrote here, I had decided to head to Las Vegas in the Easter holidays for some sun, warmth and to explore a bit of the area that I had not seen when I went before. I booked the trip starting in Copenhagen, with a detour to Manchester for an unmissable family commitment before flying out.

This trip was the first time that I had been able to use The First Wing at Heathrow and I was suitable impressed. I was able to have lunch in the Galleries First Lounge before boarding my flight to Copenhagen. I had decided not to waste Avios flying in Club Europe and, given that I was on an A321, benefitted by choosing this seat in the exit row!


I had booked the Hilton Copenhagen Airport hotel for the night, but as I found out, it had changed hands and become a Clarion hotel. However, a phone call in advance assured me that I would be able to receive all the benefits I would have done.


The hotel is connected to the airport and it is well sign-posted so you are unlikely to get lost on the way between the two.



Check in was swift and the staff were consistently polite. I was given a decent room on the Executive level.



First things first, I went to check out the hotel gym; I take great pleasure in using hotel gyms – partly because they are usually well equipped and not busy, and also because it makes me feel less guilty when I have a drink in the lounge after!


After a decent work out and a shower, I headed to the lounge. The drink selection was extensive but the food was less so. It is more a place where you could have a nibble before dinner rather than really replacing an evening meal. I could not be bothered to venture out, so I made do.

After a decent night’s sleep, I made my way down to breakfast in the main restaurant which was a legacy perk of being a Hilton Diamond member. The selection was fantastic, and there was a huge choice available.

I was able to check the status of my flight from the screens in the lobby and made the short journey across to the airport in about 2 minutes.

As an airport hotel, I cannot recommend it highly enough – it had everything that was required. It is obviously a shame that it no longer is part of the Hilton estate from a points and status point of view, but this is not uncommon of the Nordic / Scandinavian countries in general.

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3 thoughts on “Vegas2017 – Part 1: The Copenhagen Shuffle

  1. […] Having flown out to Copenhagen, and then back to London and up to Manchester, it was soon time to fly out to Vegas. I was thankful that my Gold status allowed me to book a seat in American Airline’s Main Cabin Extra section. These tend to be seats with slightly more legroom that are situated in preferable areas of the aircraft. In my case this was the front row of the economy section by the bulkhead. The aircraft was laid out in a 2-4-2 configuration and only three of the middle four were taken. Unfortunately, not the seat next to me, which might have been the case if travelling on British Airways with their blocked seating algorithm but this was not a big deal. […]


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