Poor BA service inspires poetry

Jon Elkon, a former colleague and good friend of mine, is a prolific blogger and writer. He has just got back from a trip to the West Coast of the USA, flying with British Airways, and is about to embark on another to South Africa. It is fair to say that he was less than impressed with the level of service on his flights – so much so that he wrote this poem:

NO, it’s NOT ok
For airlines like BA
To squish my arse
Into Cattle Class
And shove in my face
The Daily Mail on race
And offer my mouth
“Food” so uncouth
With no veggie choice
And no-one to answer
My voice…
(My emails ignored)
God! I am bored
The antique screen
Showing movies I’ve seen…
And the air miles provision so dense
With flights
The thing that makes my hackles rise
Is companies, no surprise
That put their fucking Profit first
Ignoring us, they give their worst!
Customers are last upon their list
The shits!
He has a fair point! The lack of vegetarian options is something that annoys me on short haul flights and I have taken to pre-loading my iPad with movies to watch what I want to watch on a decent quality screen. Without wanting to get too political here, I totally agree with his views on the Daily Mail – lots of companies, including John Lewis, are ducking out of their responsibility to society by not choosing to spend their advertising budgets with morally appropriate publications.
Jon aslo commented on the lack of Avios flight availability during school holidays when demand is highest – but now that he is retired from teaching he doesn’t have those restrictions, and is making the most of his stash of Avios!
You can read more of what he has written, and get details of his books and where to buy them from his website – www.jonelkon.com

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