Free upgrades at Hertz with Accor

A while back I wrote about an easy way to get status with Accor which would give upgrades on rooms. Now there is another offer that you can take advantage of to make your 90EUR investment go a lot further!

Hertz pic.JPG

Sign up here for your free membership to Hertz Gold Rewards (or to upgrade your existing account) where you will get instantly upgraded to Five Star Status for a range of benefits:



As an example. a two day hire from Heathrow in November would cost about £60. However, with your free Hertz status, you would get an upgrade to the category above, in this example worth £15, plus a free driver which is £12 per day.



On this one rental alone you would accrue £39-worth of savings. Even if you had no intention of staying in an Accor hotel ever, but needed a week’s car hire with 2 drivers, you could save money with this trick!

The benefits are even greater if you have Platinum status with Accor.

I usually always hire with Avis for their links with BA, additional Avios and the free driver, but this will be another welcome addition to the options in future when I need to hire a car.

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