Blogs I like

Every so often, I think to myself that there needs to be a bit more l0ve in the world. And the same is true in blogging; I read so many blogs, stories and articles, and it is not always possible to say thank you to those who spent time and effort writing them. Here is my thank you to some of the best and some of my favourites.

Head for Points


The daddy of all UK Miles and Points, this is a fabulous mix of resources, tips, deals and analysis. It is run by Raffles, who has been active on many sites such as Flyertalk for many years and has, by his own admission, done many crazy things to earn miles and points. This was a hobby for him, and now has become a full time job. I subscribe to his emails and they are always the first things I read each and every morning.

One Mile at a Time


 Ben ‘Lucky’ Schlappig is a machine! He manages to write over 50 posts a week on all manner of things and seems to be constantly travelling. At one point I understand that he actually gave up his apartment and lived for at least a year in hotels. His blog is US focused but includes reviews of practically every airline and lounge, as well as some quirky think pieces – always one I go to when I see an interesting headline on Twitter.

Points with a Crew


Dan Miller is a dad of 6 kids, so takes travelling with miles and points to the extreme for family holidays. His site remains true to the cost-effective end of redemptions and show that this hobby can still be worth your while with a family in tow.

Inside Flyer UK


This is a spin-off of Inside Flyer, a US-based blog backed by Randy Peterson of FlyerTalk fame. The beauty of this website is that is is written by a collective of bloggers (me included!) so you get a really good range of ideas, perspectives and opinions.

Luxury Travel Diary


Perhaps less of a miles and points and more luxury travel perspective, this blog is the ultimate in aspirational travel. Claire and her team are true travel-nuts and are really passionate about what they do. I love it as a way to suss out what the luxury travel is like, and then use my miles and Points knowledge to work out how I can get it for free.

These are my 5 go-to blogs; what are your favourites?

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