BA = Bugger All on board thanks to new policy

When flying with a national flag carrier like British Airways, you can reasonably expect to benefit from things like seat selection, checked baggage and a free drink from the bar.
However, British Airways seems to be targeting the low-cost airline market by removing it’s free on-board catering from 11 January 2017.

A couple of days ago they announced a partnership with Marks and Spencer where they will sell certain products on board. Passengers will have the option to buy sandwiches, snacks and sweets such as Percy Pigs as well as to buy tea coffee, water and alcoholic drinks.

British Airways say “Replacing the complimentary food and drink service currently offered, you will be able to pay for your selection in one easy transaction, using your credit or debit card, and if you are an Executive Club Member, this provides another new way to spend your Avios

A flight after 11 January 2017 will now mean paying £6 for a gin and tonic which would have been free beforehand.

Now, lots of airlines have a buy on board policy, which is fine. However my issue with this is that the policy has been applied retrospectively. I bought my flights for mid January at a time when it included a free drink on board. Now I am being told that I will have to pay. I brought this up with British Airways on Twitter only to be told that the current offering is “not part of the fare” and that “customers had said they want to much choice”.

This is, according to the airline’s own social media team, very emotive issue! I will be sharing some details soon of a conversation I had with their team and why I turned down 1000 Avios compensation.

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