Schedule Changes from American

I don’t know of any airline who make as many schedule changes as American do. They seem to be a very frequent occurrence and are almost expected when you are booking more than six months in advance.

For a simple point to point flight it is unlikely to be an issue, but for more complex routings it can throw out a connection or result in a lengthy stop over.

Thankfully, because they happen so often, the rebooking process and the staff at American are really clued up in managing the issues and sorting things out.

I wrote yesterday about my trip to Las Vegas next April. It was a triumph of planning allowing me to fit in everything I needed to as well as maximise my time there. So I was a little anxious when I got a text and an email from British Airways to say that there had been a change in my booking.


On opening the email, I was relieved to find it was not as bad as it could have been; my original Philadelphia – Las Vegas flight has been cancelled and I have been moved onto an earlier departure. It is only 16 minutes difference so will not impact hugely on my layover – I will still have time to visit the lounge and have a shower.

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