Topcashback offers a 25% bonus on Avios

It was a major blow to collecting Avios when Topcashback stopped offering a pay out option into Tesco Clubcard. I wrote about it here and here. You could get 1 CC point per penny and each CC point was worth 2.4 Avios.

This stopped earlier this year and a lack of other options meant that I took a chunk of money out as cash to put towards a flight as this was better than the alternative Avios redemption option.


This has changed slightly for the better now with the introduction of a 25% bonus. You can now get 1.25 Avios per penny, making them effectively cost 0.8p each.


For comparison, 9,000 Avios + £35 would get you a return flight to Nice. At 0.8p per Avios, you are effectively paying £107 for the flights; the most recent flights I bought to Nice were about £160, so you are better off taking them out as Avios.

There is no indication how long this bonus will offer, but it is a good offer which is probably not going to be beaten in the near future.

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