GUEST POST: MummyAirmiles’ buys an Access (almost) All Areas NYC Pass

We purchased a 5 day New York Pass for think $299 each (There is currently $50 off here).


DaddyAirmiles reckoned we saved $150 each on entrance fees so it was well worth it. We bought them months ago and they arrived a week later in the post. This allowed Daddyairmiles to work out a full and comprehensive itinerary for our stay in the Big Apple. The pass is activated the first time you use it. We went on a Uptown and Downtown hop-on, hop-off bus tour, as well as Brooklyn and night time tours – quite good for resting the legs!

We visited MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art and the Met which was big; the highlight for me was the impressionist section.

We also visited the Natural History Museum which is vast, and just like any other Natural History museum the world over. I thoroughly recommend the Frick Collection, a collection of paintings and artefacts housed in the Frick mansion. I have never seen such serious art of such quality in one place: Gainsborough, Renoir, Reynolds, Turner, Goya, Valesquez, Holbein, Hals, Rembrandt etc etc. Fabulous !


Times Square, Ground Zero, Empire State and Rockefeller buildings were all on the list and we also popped in to Madame Tussaud’s – simply because we had the pass. It was poor, but no doubt some folk liked it.


We thoroughly enjoyed many hours aboard the US Aircraft Carrier Intrepid which had a comprehensive exhibition with many types of aircraft, and even a Star Trek interactive exhibition, which was good fun. Apparently Star Fleet Academy think I would be good for Tactical training!

Concorde was parked at the side, but no access inside.


The City Pass book details comprehensively all the things you can access. It specifically states the Intrepid offers, Shuttle, submarine USS Growler, as well as all the planes, and the Star Trek exhibition. The audio guide also talks about the Shuttle. So when we turned up at the exhibition, we were turned away as this, apparently, was only accessible at an additional cost! We felt totally misled and decided to speak to a supervisor expressing our concerns and how the various bits of literature stated it was part of the City Pass . Annette, to her credit, seemed to agree with us and our interpretation, so took us back to the exhibition and gave us access.


The shuttle Enterprise was HUGE! The exhibition was informative, and explained how public opinion swayed President Ford to change the planned name from ‘Constitution’ to ‘Enterprise’ in honour of all the many Trekkie fans!

The City Pass is a great way to see all the sights – but definitely worth doing your sums first to make sure that you are actually saving money on things you want to do!

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