Three is still my magic (phone) number – but should I stick with it?

I am coming to the end of my contract and, with the release of the new iPhone7, thought naturally turn to upgrades. As with the miles and points thing, there are so many different options when it comes to phones. Pay and go with a phone you buy outright, or contract? Unlimited data or something with a wifi hotspot package? And what about the travel options?

I am currently with Three and, in a post I have written across at InsideFlyer UK, I extol the virtues of them, especially about roaming on the mobile phone as it is so relevant to travel these days.

I know some people with a contract that needs a £5 daily bolt on for data abroad which is probably good value for a day’s work somewhere, but not for a few emails and Snapchat. About 10 years ago, I would buy a PAYG SIM card in France and use that as it was much cheaper.

But I also know that I am perhaps blinkered by loyalty to them and it is easier to stick that to move. So I wanted to ask what you do with your phone when travelling? Which network are you on and would you recommend it?

Thanks for your help – as they say, sharing is caring!



3 thoughts on “Three is still my magic (phone) number – but should I stick with it?

  1. Hello,

    Nice bit of news coverage you received. I would avoid 02, as they don’t listen to customers. I see the sponsors page has gone, but 02 were still listed as being involved long after I wrote this post, while all the other main corporate sponsors withdrew their support very soon after the public outcry against the 10:10 campaign trying to bully people into cutting their carbon emissions:


  2. I have a data only sim with 3 (normal phone on o2). 3 have an outstanding roaming policy, you can use your “domestic” calls, text and data allowances is many countries abroad at no extra cost. It was great for turning the data off on my mobile phone and using any websites on my tablet in Tenerife. I’m off to Hong Kong shortly and that is also included.


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