GUEST POST: MummyAirmiles hops over the pond

So, here we are on board the Boeing 747 to JFK. It left from satellite gate C and we managed to find our way to the walkway rather than the train. Having walked the walk with MisterAirmiles on our European trek, I knew exactly where to go (it’s not difficult!) We seemed to be the only people stretching our legs. I did plan on getting a Starbucks coffee before boarding, but the queue was long, and I decided I’d rather have more champagne.

Our seats were 63A/B on upper deck at emergency exits. Not being any sort of executive club member other than blue (lost Silver status a few years ago) I took the decision to pay for our seats as I wanted the upper deck – £80 each. However, having paid up, the MyFlights app alerted me to an aircraft change from the 747 to a 777 and our reassigned seats. I immediately got on to BA to complain about the duff seats they had then allocated us on the 777 and asked that they transfer my paid seats to the return leg. There was a lot of jiggery pokery going on, the upshot being that I got upper deck seats for the return leg, my money refunded for the original booking, and then my original seats re-allocated as the plane reverted back to a 747. So, upper deck on both flights which I didn’t pay for as a lowly Blue! I will be Silver by the end of this trip, so for the next 18 months can choose seats at no cost.


The upper deck had 3 vacant seats. We were looked after by 2 very nice and helpful cabin crew. The usual drinks were served and menu given out for lunch and afternoon tea. However, whilst I like salad, not sure the many folk will be impressed by what we had – pea pannacotta (which was actually very nice) but loads of salad leaves, as well as a salad…no choice.


I didn’t fancy any any of the other mains on the menu, so ended up with another salad with quinoa and pork slices. Did’t feel like afternoon tea served later on.


The LHR to JFK is a relatively short flight, compared to our recent travels to South America, South Africa and Mauritius, and we landed on time. As first time visitors we were channelled into the border and immigration queue dealing with first time ESTAs. The chap looked about 12 years old, mumbled, was surly, completely unwelcoming and couldn’t have been more hostile . A thoroughly negative first encounter with American officialdom. On the positive side, it only took a few minutes and we were through to wait 20 mins for the luggage.

A very carefully researched and planned schedule by DaddyAirmiles had us heading for the AirTrain, with a change at Jamaica onto the subway and a 45 min trip in cool air conditioned carriages into Manhattan . At our eventual stop we exited at the right corner (he knew what he was doing!), a short walk and we arrived at our hotel.
All in all a hassle free transfer, and only cost us $15!

One thought on “GUEST POST: MummyAirmiles hops over the pond

  1. […] Following an excellent journey to Manhattan, we checked in to Four Points by Sheraton hotel. I had booked using points earned when I took out an AmEx Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Credit Card last year. Spend £2,000 within 3 months and get 20k points. I then earned another 2,000 points via spend and bought 2,000 points for $40. I traded the 24k points for 2 nights at the category 4 Four points at 12k points a night in a king bed room. Good reviews had me reasonably optimistic. We were greeted by a very friendly and personable young lady who upgraded our room to a very high floor, city view. […]


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