Status Matching

The whole point of state is matching is for companies to attract high spending individuals to them. The rationale is that if you have accrued status with one chain or airline then you might be likely to do the same with another.

I wrote here about how I matched my British airways executive club silver card to both Star Alliance and SkyTeam through status matches. 

Hilton Diamond

As well as the airlines, I have recently been lucky enough to also match into Hilton Hhonors. What did I have to do to match? Just fill in a quick form and send a picture of my IHG status and that was it. I pay $200 a year to be part of IHG’s Ambassador programme. This is in addition to the Platinum status I hold as a result of having the Barclaycard Black IHG Visa (although I would have achieved it through my stays in 2015). Thanks to the match,  I can now benefit from the Hilton Diamond benefits if I stay there.

I am not sure when this will be – I last stayed in a Hilton in Sydney in 2011! However, it is always worth applying for these matches as you never know when they will come in handy and they are great for matching back to other schemes!

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