Free status with two of the three big alliances

Apart from my brief foray into flying with Alitalia earlier in the summer, almost all my travel has been with British Airways. However this has not stopped me in applying for status matching with Sky Team and Star Alliance.

Airlines do this from time to time to attract new customers. If someone has status with one airline it is usually because they are a frequent flyer, and therefore may be able to bring more business to a new airline if they were to offer some of the creature comforts that status affords.

The first of the stakes matches was with Alitalia. They are offering a program until the end of the year where they will match British airways silver status (or Oneworld sapphire) to their Freccia Alata level.


In my case it took a lot longer than advertised because they were not happy to accept a digital copy of the card. In the end I sent a photograph of my be a silver card which worked a treat.

The second option is with the Brazilian airline Avianca. Hat tip to the Australian Business Traveller where I saw this. It was a very painless process (with the help of Google translate) to send a quick email with a picture of my British Airways silver card to request the status match today gold to their gold tear tear so fingers crossed it will come through shortly.


By doing these two matches, I will have a mid-level benefits from all three of the major Airline alliances which should make flying more comfortable over the coming year.

There is nothing to lose so if you do you have silver or above status with British Airways, or the equivalent in a Oneworld Alliance airline, then you might as well give it a go!

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