Review: Melbourne to Perth with Qantas in Business Class

This is a fairly short review, as it was a fairly unremarkable flight. We started off in the lounge, which was pretty much like all the other Qantas lounges. It has great runway views.


Everyone seems to be doing ‘retro jets’ at the moment!

Boarding was called and we were amongst the first on. The seats were 2 by 2 large recliners, which are much better than the business class seats available on BA, but not as good as the flatbed options that you can get on some internal Qantas flights. We managed this on the Cairns – Sydney leg, but the Dreamliner between Melbourne and Perth didn’t suit our timings.

We had pre-ordered vegetarian meals following our experience on the way from Cairns with no vegetarian option available.

The starter was a tomato and mozzarella salad.


The main course was a Thai green curry which tasted a lot better than it looked!


We were treated to some lovely views shortly after takeoff, but these were not long-lasting given the time of the flight.


I watched a film on my phone using the Qantas in flight entertainment app which worked pretty well and then we landed. Not a lot more to say!

On arrival into Perth we had to change from the Domestic to the International terminal which was An. Absolute. Ballache.

There is a shuttle bus that runs between the two terminals every 20 minutes and, of course, we had just missed one and it was cold outside where we had to wait. When it did arrive, the driver was grumpy as hell and not helpful in direction people where to go. The terminal is on the other side of the airport and it is a decent 15 minute ride in the bus via the long stay car parks. I would not want to be doing this in a rush. Thankfully we had about 2h30 between our flights so there was plenty of time.

This was our last Qantas flight on the trip; I was very impressed with them overall. Apart from the lack of vegetarian food, which we later rectified, the service was great, and the benefits afforded to oneworld status holders seems much better than BA offer back home. I would not hesitate to fly with Qantas again.

But our next flight was the one that I had been looking forward to the most – Qatar First Class on an A380 to Doha. Would it live up to expectations?

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