GUEST POST: MummyAirmiles explores Zion National Park

Zion National Park is lovely. It’s a small park restricting visitors to parking outside the park and using shuttle buses inside. We approached Zion from the north, having just come from Bryce Canyon.

The last few miles… Wow! What a drive! Down through red rock on a twisty road cut through the rock, with steep sides and a long tunnel through the rock. At the park booth, we collected a red sticker which allowed us to take the car into the park as we were staying at Zion Lodge.

The hotel had gift shop, restaurant and takeaway cafe and a number of separate lodges nearby. Our room was in a nearby lodge with a good view from the balcony.


We had several short walks in the evening, all on very good paths, alongside the Virgin river. The following day was several longer walks involving climbing on really quite rocky paths.


We left, heading for Las Vegas, exiting the park via a different route, which wasn’t nearly so spectacular as our arrival.

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