GUEST POST: MummyAirmiles arrives in Las Vegas

Las Vegas – well, what can I say?!


Extravagant, gaudy, OTT. Certainly an experience! And… I spotted a Starbucks! 9 days in the USA and this was my first glimpse! Contrary to belief they are not on every corner! We were staying at the Venetian. An enormous hotel with thousands of suites (all rooms were suites) with bathroom, bed area and down a few steps to the sitting and dining area. Very nice indeed!

Driving to Vegas and getting to the Venetian was actually reasonably straight forwards – the sat-nav lady gave wonderful directions very quickly when I made a few wrong turnings! The hotel is so large we got lost in it, couldn’t find reception, totally overwhelmed! However, once we were settled in, we went exploring.

We enjoyed the Waltzing Waters of the Bellagio hotel and the erupting volcano (to music) at The Mirage hotel. We did lots of people watching in the casinos, but we’re not tempted to even try a flutter.

As the name implies, the Venetian hotel is Italian-themed. Indoor and outdoor waterways with gondolas and appropriately dressed gondoliers, Bridge of Sighs, and even an indoor St Mark’s Square with painted blue and cloud sky. One can’t help admiring the architects for boldness… but it is tacky!image3.png

I booked the Venetian via my travel agent, but whilst I was there, discovered that the hotel is affiliated to IHG. As a Platinum member of IHG, there are certain benefits that comes with status. Regrettably, as the booking was through a third party, I got no points. However I did approach reception, stated that I held membership and asked what benefits I would get for staying with them.


Well, the fruit and water arrived and they waived the mandatory resort fee of $70 , but we didn’t need the late checkout. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

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