Reaching the top of IHG’s Spire

I’ve had the IHG Black Visa card for about 4 years now and, as a result, have been afforded Platinum level in the IHG Rewards Club. This was the top tier, until they introduced Spire Elite over the top. Spire Elite affords the holder 100% bonus points on stays in addition to all the published benefits for Platinum members.


On qualification, it also offers the opportunity to upgrade to Hertz Five Star and the choice of either 25,000 points or gifting Platinum status to someone.



I mentioned earlier in the year that my strategy  was to go for IHG Spire by spending on that card rather than building up points on other cards. Following my latest credit card bill, I am pleased that I have managed to reach the 75,000 Elite Qualifying Points required.


About 19,000 came from hotel stays and the rest came from spending on the credit card. At 4 points per pound in IHG properties and on foreign exchange transactions, it is not difficult to rack up the points. With the added bonus of a free night voucher on spending £10,000 in a year, the card has been very valuable to me. The £99 fee works out, for me, to be worth 3 nights in an InterContinental, given the points that I have earned.

The status changed immediately on receipt of the points that took me over the qualifying threshold and the rewards were available for me straight away.


I took the points and they were deposited to my account instantaneously.

One top tip to remember is that any spend in the hotel on a reward night counts towards the total Elite Qualifying points. If you are staying somewhere on points and buy a drink at the bar, you should charge it to your room and then pay it off on checkout as this will earn the standard 10 points per US Dollar that a normal room rate earn. A £10 bar tab is worth 120 points on its own, and an additional 40 points when paid for with the IHG card, so it all adds up!

I have managed to notch up a rather impressive 18 nights in IHG properties – nothing compared to some of the road warriors out there – but not bad given that it, added to my other nights in hotels this year, means that I have spent a whole month in hotels in 2016! Shame I cant get a rebate on the rent!

I dont know what use the Spire Elte status will be to me this year, given that I am already an Ambassador member and the 4 stays I already have lined up are all on points. I am hopeful that I will be able to add in a couple of stays at InterContinentals, given that I have enough points for at least 3 nights, a free night certificate and a 2for1 voucher to use.

Have you reached Spire Elite? Is it worth it?!

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