Exploring My Flightpath

Like any Geographer, I am always intrigued to take a look at a map, and the map of My Flightpath is no exception. Tucked away in the corner of the Executive Club home page is a little collection of the flights that you have taken on British Airways.

FP2 Map

It pulls together some fun statistics and presents them in a rather aesthetically pleasing way.


I will be adding another 2 cities before the end of August, with Copenhagen and San Francisco, which will take me a little closer to the Silver Country Explorer badge.


I am clearly a repeat flyer on some routes, having been to Nice 6 times, but only 8 countries overall. This is not entirely accurate as I have been to Spain on a BA plane, but the fact that it had an IB flight number may have excluded it. It also does not pick up partner flights, so even ones with American and LAN, which appear on the Executive Club statement, so not count towards this.

A more accurate way to chart your aviation history is with ba97.com, which I will be writing about soon.

Have you checked out your flightpath? Is there anything that surprises you from the stats?

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