Episode 4 and a half – no sausages in Frankfurt.

Following breakfast we headed out along the riverside. MisterAirmiles had a plan of checking out a couple of nearby museums, gentle stroll, wander through old town followed by coffee and cake.

Our hotel was virtually on the riverside and our room had a lovely view, so we had an idea of where to go. We crossed a pedestrian bridge and watched several laden barges pass beneath. Such a sensible way to transport goods. The Architecture museum was nearby, so for €8 each we spent an interesting hour viewing futuristic design as well as mock-up scenes of buildings through the ages. The Romans were really smart – makes you wonder why we spent subsequent years living in hovels.

We then came across an Aardman exhibition (of Wallace and Grommit fame) and spent some time finding out how the stories came about with story boards and mock-up scenes.
The treat was watching entertaining clips from various movies

We then strolled beside the river, heading for the old town which was pretty enough, but really just a square


The ‘kaffe und apfelstrudel’ were very nice and we lingered for a time in the shade before heading back towards the hotel. We would have had time for a 50 min river cruise had we been 5 mins earlier……next time! Instead, we headed back to the hotel, and another drink, before packing and late checkout (such an advantage with MisterAirmiles Ambassador status)

So it was a return trip to the station, 15 mins to the airport, and a somewhat tortuous, confusing trek to navigate the airport to the right gate.

You can follow the whole journey here:

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