GUEST POST: MummyAirmiles loathes lounge

MummyAirmiles arrived into Rio following her transfer across South America.

Got off the TAM flight and those of us trying to change terminals were herded onto a bus to Terminal 1 before the four of us for the BA flight were ushered through to departures. So we ended up departures not having any boarding passes, although we had checked in on line, and not had not shown any documentation at all!

Once in departures, there were no officials of any kind visible, so we trekked along a very long deserted corridor to the BA, and every other airline, lounge, to see if the staff there could help.


The BA site wouldn’t let me download passes as it said we must get our passports checked! 

The lounge is dreadful – absolutely shocking for a major city about to host the Olympics. Perhaps BA are ashamed of it given that you can barely read their sign on the doorway. 

It’s split in 2 halves, each with seats and a buffet station.

The beverage offering is poor, and we had to ask for wine. The snacks are dried out, and there is one hot offering of indeterminate nature.

So totally unimpressed. The lounge in Santiago was better, and I thought it was grim at the time.


Rant over – now to glug some wine, having asked for it!


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