Earn Clubcard points faster with PayQwiq

One of the easiest non-flying ways to earn Avios is via Tesco Clubcard and the right credit card. Spend £10 in Tesco and pay on the BAPP AmEx would earn 39 Avios. Forget your wallet and pay in cash, you would earn nothing.

Thankfully, there is an app that can help forgetful people like me who are glued to their phone!

Payqwiq is an app which combines both payment and Clubcard details into one QR code for quick and easy payment.

First, you have to download the app and sign in using your Tesco.com login details before loading your credit card details. Another cool feature is the ability to use the camera to read the card details, meaning you don’t have to type them in. You can add more than one card and easily select which one you want to pay with.


When you are ready to pay, just open up the app and ask the cashier to scan the QR code. There is no need to give the Clubcard separately and it is quicker than contactless payment. I also like the fact that you only get one receipt, not the second bit related to the card payment.

The charge appears on your app straight away.


It shows on the credit card statements as a Tesco transaction as normal.


Some people would be worried about having card details stored on their phone, but it’s probably more secure than a card. You have to unlock the phone in the first place and then use a pin code to open the app; all someone need do to use your contactless card is hold it up to the reader.

Another benefit is the bonus points that they have been offering. I first used it back in February 2015 when they just launched, and was getting 100 bonus points per transaction. I had an email recently offering 500 points to tempt me back as they are increasing the roll out and I hadn’t used it for a year. It is focused on London and Edinburgh, but I am sure it will become more common across the country as it is so good.


Have you used PayQwiq? Is it something you think would work well in your Tesco?

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