New layout

After a fantastic first 8 months, I have decided to slightly alter the layout of the blog. It has been based on a single page with the newest post at the top, which I like because it allows people to easily see if there is a new post.

It does, however, make it slightly harder to find some of the more unusual stories and, for new readers, can be difficult to navigate.

To that end, I have put a tab at the top which will take you to my Top Posts page. Here you will find links to my favourite and more unusual posts. These will change as and when I do something more interesting! The articles will, of course, also be available in the main sections.

I have also added a page about the redemptions I have made. I did post about this at the beginning of the blog, but feel that this might be better placed as a static page so it can be updated as and when.

I would be interested to know what you think!

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