The end of the Supercard trial

I am a real fan of the Supercard; it acts as a front for payment abroad. This is converted, at near perfect exchange rate, to Sterling which is then charged to your chosen credit card. It has saved me a lot of money when travelling abroad in FX fees as well as earning points on my IHG credit card which counts towards the annual spend.


I was disappointed to get this email today letting me know that the trial is coming to an end.


Thank you for being part of the Travelex Supercard pilot. We’re delighted to say you’ve been part of an enormous success. Simply by using Supercard, people like you have effortlessly avoided bank card roaming charges when spending abroad. To date, Supercard has been used every two minutes in over 43 countries around the world. Hurrah!

And that’s why we want you to be amongst the first to hear the good news: Supercard has the green light to launch nationwide this summer. That means all your friends and family will at last have the opportunity to get a Supercard and start saving too.

To allow for a smooth transition, the Supercard pilot will formally come to a close at 00:01 on Tuesday 7th June 2016, and your current card will stop working on that date. But, fear not, you’ll be the first to know about how you can get your hands on a free new Supercard and we’ll be in touch again nearer the time with full details.

Meanwhile, please carry on using your Supercard and say goodbye to bank card roaming charges.

Thanks again,

The Travelex Supercard Team

Whilst they are confident that there will be a full scale implementation of the Supercard, they are cagey about the details and give no firm timeline as to when it might appear. I am hoping that there is not a gap in the service, and that they are proactive about re-enrolling people who have been on the trial.

It has become my go-to card when abroad. Perhaps the Curve card will take over in the interim as my preferred payment method?

Have you been using the Supercard? How have you found it?

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