Mother’s Day around the world

As regular readers will know, MummyAirmiles is currently in South America. She is now on a boat somewhere near Patagonia, having recently stopped at Puerto Madryn.

image1 (4)

That is not her ship in the picture!

She has form for being away on Mother’s Day, which is hardly difficult as they are away so often that it is usually easier to assume that they won’t be at home!

Many of their trips, particular bigger ones which are not just a city break, are booked via Trailfinders; MummyAirmiles seems to have a direct line to one of their senior travel advisors who is probably educating her kids at top private schools thanks to the commissions passing her desk! One of the benefits of this is that a full itinerary is provided which is passed to my brothers and me for information.

Using this, we have been able to send flowers to wherever they are at the time. I have done it through Trailfinders to a hotel in Mauritius a few years ago.

This year, my brother organised it through Celebrity Cruises via Trailfinders. They were able to ensure that there was a bouquet of flowers in the cabin on embarkation (we decided to send them early so they could have maximum use whilst aboard).

image1 (4)

The cost, in both cases, was very reasonable and comparable to what we would have paid in the UK; the surprise and delight factor is well worth it. If you have the itinerary and you know someone is going somewhere on a special occasion, why not make it extra special?!

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day around the world

    1. Thanks! It is always nice to enter a hotel room or cabin and find a surprise waiting for you! And my Mum is pretty great (she’ll no doubt read this later, so I need to be nice :-p).

      Have you ever sent someone a gift whilst they were on holiday?

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