GUEST POST – MummyAirmiles arrives in Mauritius

Not needing to be asked twice, here is some more from my Mum’s trip on an Emirates 777 and A380 GLA-DXB-MRU:

Following the late inbound, there was a quick plane turnaround in Glasgow on the 777-300ER.

photo 1

Nice business class seats together, both facing forwards with a big TV screen. I always think Emirates has the best entertainment system. Watched 2 films – Kingsman and Insurgent. In-flight catering was fine, but nothing spectacular. Seat plus mattress was very comfortable, but I probably dozed rather than slept. The plane was due int0 DXB at just after midnight, but didn’t actually arrive until 0220. Our connecting flight gate closed at 0300, so we were slightly anxious. However, a speedy exit off the plane and through security had us wasting no time in finding our way through the airport and onto a train to satellite gate. We barely had time to register how modern and spectacular the airport is with walls of water and cathedral ceilings, and no chance to sample the lounge. Arrived at gate which was displaying ‘Final Call’ for boarding and we walked straight onto the plane – all very efficient. Plane was an A380 with First and Business Class all upstairs. Configuration was one I hadn’t tried. 4 seats across slightly offset, with Dad near the window with me behind on aisle. I had my own wee minibar, with plenty of trays, pockets, and shelves for bits and pieces. I didn’t find the seat particularly comfortable and thoroughly disliked the cubbyhole affair for one’s feet when fully reclined for sleeping. Breakfast was the usual offerings, so no particular comment to make. I did have a look at the bar at the stern end of the plane, but no photos. As it was an overnight flight, I didn’t feel inclined to spend any time there.

The picture below is the tail cam view on landing in Mauritius.

photo 3

All efficient, landed on time. The luggage was separated into the First and business class carousel, with a separate carousel for economy. We were out the airport in half an hour having dived into the Duty Free for several bottles of wine, such is the price of the wine in the hotels on the island.

I will try to remind Mum to get some more pictures of the interior, the food and other details on the return!

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