GUEST POST – MummyAirmiles goes on holiday

I am pleased to be able to publish the first guest post on – from none other than my dear mother. She and Dad are recently retired and are making the most of their time by upping their usual 1-2 trips to the sun a year to three in the next 6 months. This time they are off to Mauritius (as usual) and the Seychelles for an old colleague’s wedding. I have tidied up some of Mum’s writing as she was using her beloved iPad, but you get the jist!

New lounge, very nice, only eight people in it at present! Nice view of the planes. Only fly in ointment is the inbound is late due to fog in DXB. So far staff seem to think we will be OK for connection to MRU.

photo 2

Check in staff were very efficient and pleasant. The two girls on the Emirates lounge desk very welcoming as was the young lad doing the waiting and tidying in the lounge.


photo 3

It’s an oasis of cool calm but whether it’s worth the splashing out for business class…?! An expensive lounge entry fee at any rate! However, at the of end day, I just couldn’t bring myself to travel in the back of the plane, so less dosh for the three children!

Very pleasant lunch with excellent wine selection; Veuve Clicquot and I am supping a very nice Cloudy Bay! Dad had filet of beef. Rated 9/10! I had salmon and crudités. Selections well topped up at the buffet. Staff were very attentive in clearing up and refilling the stations. Also lots of discrete staff making sure the tables were spotless. They all look very tidy and presentable, and even offered fetch me a wine top up.

photo 1

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

 There are a few more folk in, but very pleasant. Not nearly as crowded as BA lounges, but then there is only one Emirates flight per day. Still waiting to board due to the delay of about 90 mintues.


Hopefully I can get Mum to give some more insights into her trip. They have flown on Emirates a number of times, and really enjoy it. Living in the north of Scotland, the GLA-DXB service is a good gateway to the Emirates network, and means they don’t have to go to ABZ to tap into the BA hub.

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