Review: Hampton Inn, Lake Havasu City

The Hampton Inn in Lake Havasu was the only Hilton property in the area, and as I was trying to stay eight nights in Hilton, this was the obvious choice. I arrived around 5 pm and was able to park in the designated Diamond parking area close to the front door – what a perk…!

I mean… you have got to put the Mustang somewhere…

Check in with swift and I was soon in my room.

The room was bright and well furnished. The hotel was quite new and it was well finished.

There was a small gym, but this was clearly an afterthought as it was just a normal hotel room that had been cleared of a bed and had a few bits of equipment put in. It did the job but was nothing special. To call it a ‘Fitness Centre” was a bit over the top!

There was a laundry on site as well which is always useful. Given that there is no point carrying dirty pants around in one suitcase, I stuck a load of washing on after the gym.

There was a sort of happy hour in the bar area but when I went down it seems to be full of quite rowdy men so I decided not to join in. The bar is only open at this time and one can’t get a drink outside of these hours.

After a trip into the town for dinner – which was not that easy as I was trying to sit down at about 9 pm – I went back to the hotel and slept very well.

Breakfast was included in the rate and there was the general selection of breads, pastries and cereal.

This hotel also had a waffle iron which is always fun.

The only downside was the use of paper plates and plastic cutlery. I know that it makes clearing up after breakfast service much quicker, and therefore probably saves on wages, but it does make it feel cheap and has a significant environmental cost.

The hotel was fine and perfect for a one night stay but it’s certainly not somewhere that you would want to spend more time than this. It was also quite expensive given the fact that it was the same price as my stay at the Waldorf Astoria Arizona Biltmore but I guess that is market forces.

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