Lockdown: Look back

It has been a very busy year one way and another, and it is almost 12 months since I last posted anything on the blog. In the interim, my wife and I have had a baby, so our travel patterns have changed and will most likely consist of travelling between our parents rather than jetting off on luxurious trips like our Hong Kong and Australia trip last Easter.

We are also in the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown and the travel industry is taking a battering. At present, I have had to cancel 2 set of flights, 3 hotel booking and a couple of car rentals, and it is likely that our summer trips to see grandparents will be postponed. All this means that the usual trip on the horizon that one looks forward to is no longer there, so I have been taking the opportunity to look back through my digital photo albums and relive some of the incredible trips I have taken in the last few years.


I have started to push out photos or memories on Twitter with the #lockdownlookback hashtag and would love for you to join in and share memories of your favourite trips and places. Fingers crossed we will be able to start making more memories again soon!

Going forward, I assume that the blog will take a change of direction and evolve, as it has done over time. It is not a site that brings up to date news and deals – there are many great ones out there. I imagine that there will be more more family-focused content now; How to fly with a 12 week baby is probably quite high up there on the list of possible articles!

It is crazy to think that this has been going for almost 5 years; lets see what happens over the next 5 years!

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