Review: Doha to London in First on British Airways

This was the final leg of our trip; a single redemption from Doha to London in Club for 60,000 Avios each. There was no First availability – there was no Club availability when we first looked, but I set up an ExpertFlyer alert and was delighted when some opened up and I booked right away. I know that the flight was busy, and hoped for an upgrade, but nothing showed on the app.

We arrived at the airport about 2 hours before our flight and went to the check in desk. It was very quiet and we didn’t have to wait. We put our suitcase on the belt and it was tagged with the usual tags. We were given a First Priority tag which I thought was odd, but assumed it was because we were at the premium check in. It was only when we walked away from the desk and we sorted out our passports that I was my seat was 1E – success!

We also had printed on our passes *Al Safwa Lounge* which is Qatar’s ridiculous First class lounge. It deserves it own post which will be here tomorrow.

After a quick breakfast in the lounge we headed off to the gate and were soon boarded in the front of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


These are BA’s newest planes and, to be honest, I was a bit surprised about how tatty they were looking already. You kind of forgive a 20 year old jumbo jet for showing signs of wear and tear, but this was poor, particularly when you compare this to the Qatar flight we had been on the day before.


I really liked the amount of storage space the Dreamliner seat gives, but I missed the Buddy seat to allow you to dine a deux.

We were offered a pre-departure drink which was orange juice.


Breakfast was served after take off, and I opted for the Arabic option with vegetables, cheese and labneh. It was nothing to write home about, but was decent enough. The problem with a breakfast flight is there is never enough food – I mean, there is lots of bread and pastry, but nothing to get your teeth into.


Halfway through the flight I saw someone having a cup of tea and got pangs of jealousy, so I got one too. I really like the new crockery they have and the size of the tea pot is enough for three cups.


About 90 minutes to landing I had the afternoon tea, with a prawn, hummus and a distinct lack of bread plate and cruet.


This was followed by more tea and cakes. There were no scones, so how on earth they can call it Afternoon Tea is anyone’s guess. BA seem to be getting this wrong at the moment as there is an option for it in the short haul Buy on Board menu where, for £5, you get Afternoon Tea without any tea!


We landed into Heathrow and the C-Gates, and were off pretty quickly. Of course, hardly any of the e-gates were open, leading to massive queues and the priority tags on the bags meant that they were almost last off the belt.

Still, our first upgrade at the desk to First, and a great way to end the trip. And whilst it was not my first First, it was my first First without any alcohol! The LPGS just wasn’t calling this time; but I will have a glass next time, I promise!

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