Review: Yotel New York

In looking for a hotel for my school trip, I needed to find one with as many separate beds in a rooms as possible to reduce costs. Many American hotels will have 2 doubles, but I wanted more, and the Yotel was the answer to my searching.

Located on 42nd and 10th, it is in walking distance from many of the key sights, as well as travel connections. We took the subway from JFK and then walked two blocks to the hotel.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 05.54.14

The concept of the hotel is to provide everything you need in a small and compact space and it certainly delivers. My ‘cabin’ was a Premium Queen.


The colour theme is purple throughout which is a great night light. There was a safe, iron and full size sink, toilet and rainfall shower.


The shower is behind the curtain. In the mirror you can see the TV. The key feature is the bed – in the photo below it is in ‘sofa mode’.


But at the press of a button it folds down to form a very comfortable bed.


The students room looked like this photo from the website.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 21.47.37.png

The hotel had an excellent gym. below, as well as a bar, restaurant and coffee shop.


I chose the hotel for practical reasons, but I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is clean, funky, trendy and very well priced – I would definitely stay here again!

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