GUEST POST – MummyAirmiles sees Sequoia

Our next stop was Sequoia National Park, high in the hills. This was a 4 hour drive which involved a police diversion, which worked pretty well and we saw some lovely countryside. The road was very twisty, but good as we climbed ,eventually, to 7500ft. We stayed at Wuksachi Lodge, booked via our travel agent There was snow on the ground, cold and a log fire burning in reception – quite a change in 48 hours!

Sequioa is the home of the giant sequioa trees, and boy! Are they huge! General Sherman is the biggest tree in the world in terms of wood volume, and puts on the equivalent wood of a 60ft tall tree annually. Difficult to comprehend!


We had a few walks about, and whilst the trees were tall and large, any picture really does not show the sizes these things.


Our lodge was perfectly fine for a one night stay,and in terms of value for money, I think it was the best of all the places we stayed. Being high in the mountains meant that the car needed de-icing in the morning and the temp was 47F!

However, we were soon on our way to our final destination – San Francisco.

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