GUEST POST – MummyAirmiles gets a taste of American Geography

We had a leisurely drive north from Phoenix to our next stop in Oak Creek, just south of Sedona. We decided on a relatively short drive, as we thought we would still be jet lagged; and we were! It also gave me the time to adjust to driving on the American roads.
I booked The Penrose B&B through as it had very good reviews and suited our needs.

We booked in and our host, Whitney Pope, the owner, was very informative about local landmarks and various sights and local walks. The B&B has several individual rooms, and ours had a lovely veranda with views towards the local landscape


We did go out and take a ‘hike’ locally round Bell Rock.


The area was a lovely little taster of American geography.


We had a fantastic breakfast of fruits and pancakes and met a couple from Australia, two local Americans from Phoenix and a couple of Swedes. We breakfasted outside on the patio under a cloudless blue sky. It turns out that all the guests were all doing much the same road trip. The B&B is to be recommended, and I would stay there again, but it was not cheap!
After breakfast we were headed to Grand Canyon via a short diversion to a place called Walnut Canyon, east of Flagsaff.

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