GUEST POST: MummyAirmiles returns to Denmark

MisterAirmiles recently reported on his 36 hours in Copenhagen. We were there also, and staying in the same hotel, so I won’t go into that. Having lived in Denmark for 2 years including a year in Copenhagen, I am reasonably familiar with all the tourist attractions, so chose to spend quite a bit of our time outside the city. Many years ago I visited Fredericksborg Slot in Hillerod in the winter, about 45 mins train journey north, so decided we would go again in the summer.

At the main train station the automatic ticket machines identified a single trip was about 180DKK each, one way, which seemed really steep. On advice from a helpful chap in the ticket office, he suggested changing the ticket to ’24hour tourist ticket’ for travel anywhere on any train or bus in greater Copenhagen. The cost was 120DKK each – bargain! And it would also see us back to the airport the next day as it was within the 24 hours (that alone is 36DKK each, one way!)So we hopped on a train to Hillerod for the day.

The train took about 45 minutes and terminated at our destination. If you are visting the castle then I suggest on exiting the train station, follow the walking signs for Fredericksborg slot on the right side of the station. This is a pleasant walk of about 15 minutes and takes you to the top of the pedestrian precinct in the town centre. (If you exit left from station, it takes you round the outskirts and you will miss the town centre, shops and cafes.)

The entrance fee was only 60DKK each and came with free audio guide of interesting snippets, but a bit random and inconsistent to follow. I’d have been really annoyed if I’d had to pay for it! I paid using my Supercard, which is linked to my IHG credit card, so will avoid foreign exchange fees and gain some hotel points. I was slightly nervous using this as it had been declined in a restaurant the evening before but it worked ok. The castle is now a museum, full of exhibits and wonderful decor from the 1600s. The Chapel is splendid and has the oldest working, never been refurbished, organ in the world

The gardens are a combination of very formal and well maintained, and walks and lakes.

If it had been a nicer day, then we would have taken the little boat from the town square to the castle for only 30 DKK.

It’s really worth a visit, and I was grateful to have a seat in Cafe Valentin for a snack late lunch – Supercard accepted again! Overall, a nice trip and an alternative to the ‘normal’ city centre stuff. We were back in Copenhagen about 4 pm and wandered down Stroget, shopped in Ilums Bolighus (wonderful – sort of like an upmarket and tasteful John Lewis!) We nipped into Royal Copenhagen Porcelain and Georg Jensen for a browse. I love these 3 shops – all ‘proper’ Danish! Down to Nyhavn for a waterside drink, then back to hotel, to check in for our BA flights…Saga to follow!

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